Sweet Style Saturday

Hi!!!  I am back for another edition of Sweet Style Saturday!!

This outfit has been one of my uniforms all summer long…tank, distressed shorts, hat, shades, sandals. BOOM. Done.  Easy, stylish, affordable.

Below are details of the ensemble.


Tank: Liz Lange Maternity $5

These tanks are ones that I keep wearing post pregnancy because they are long and conform to the body, made of great material, super comfortable and have held up for a few years now.  I bought these at Target.  They are a great price point and are a great basic for the closet.

Shorts: American Eagle $64

I bought 3 pairs of distressed jeans from AE in the Spring and they have held up all summer long.  Most of their denim has a bit of stretch to them so they conform to the body and when washed tighten back up to form.  I am a big fan of their jean as well and will definitely being springing for these in the fall.

Sandals: Sanuk $46

I bought these a few years ago, so unfortunately I don’t think you are able to find the exact ones now.  But I am linking a similar pair from Le Chateau.  Check out the Report website as well, they have some chic options at a decent price point as well.

Hat: Ten Tree $36

I love the fit of Ten Tree hats and can’t get enough of them.  This one is pairs so well with so many summer outfits.  The blue is complimentary with many colors and adds a fun beachy vibe to any look.

Sunglasses: Serengeti Eyewear $80

Showcasing these babies again!!  Haven’t stopped wearing these guys since I bought them.



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Have a fantastic Saturday!!




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