My Facial Experience & My Favorite Skin Care Products

2017-08-30 14.54.35
Bliss Spa & Salon Facial Room

I just got back from the most AMAZING facial.  This was my very first facial.  I went to Bliss Spa & Salon and saw Alisa for it.  I am going to tell you about my experience.

For starters, let me give you a little run down as to what is going on in the ‘hood known as my face.

In case this is the first blog post you’ve read of mine, I had a baby almost a year ago.  I am in my ever so young 30’s and have had great skin for just about the past decade.

Hormones, testing out of a different skin care line, and stress have wreaked havoc on my skin the past couple months.  I have had breakouts on the sides of my face, jawline and forehead that I am having trouble getting under control.  I switched back to Dermalogica after having given the alternative skincare line a good trial.  I discovered it wasn’t right for my skin, and after returning to Dermalogica, I noticed a significant improvement right away.

Nevertheless, I was still encountering some issues getting balance back and combating breakouts.  So, I decided to see an esthetician, get a treatment done, and possibly adjust my skincare routine.

I have been a longtime user of Dermalogica products.  The reason I chose Bliss Spa & Salon for my facial is because they not only carry the line but they use Dermalogica products in their facials.  I chose Alisa, because a while back, when I needed some product recommendations, I saw her and she was FANTASTIC.

Alisa is exceptionally knowledgeable.  She is well spoken, clearly passionate about her work, and very pleasant and approachable.  Possessing a calm, authentic presence, she genuinely wants to help you find the treatment or product that is going to get the results you’re looking for.  I am a client who asks A LOT of questions.  I want to get down to the nitty gritty, get the best bang for my buck, and know what products are going to do it for me.  Alisa answered all of my questions, gave me clear instructions for an at home regime, as well as provided recommendations for follow up treatments.

The facial was awesome.  After a skincare consult, we decided to do a deep exfoliation treatment with Medibac skin clearing components to target the acne breakouts.

There are several different steps in a facial, and numerous products that are applied to the face.  You’re lying down so, you don’t get a chance to see every single step but from my vantage point this is what went down…

We did a precleanse, cleanse, chemical exfoliation, extractions, massage (AHHHHH), sebum clearing mask, moisturizer, eye cream, and skin perfect primer.  My skin had a visibly smoother texture and less pigmentation when we were finished.  The best part, is that my skin will only improve over the next few days as cell turn over continues. YAY!!!

I purchased a few different products to work into existing routine and we made a plan to do microdermabrasion in a few weeks.  I’ll tell you all about it when I am done that treatment too.

Here are some of the products I purchased:

  1. Clearing Skin Wash

As per Alisa’s recommendation, I am switching to this cleanser from Special Cleansing Gel for its help with oil control throughout the day as well as antiseptic properties which will help eradicate bacteria that cause breakouts.

  1. Active Moist

This is my usual moisturizer.  It is a lightweight moisturizer for combination skin.

  1. Sebum Clearing Masque

This is a cooling clay mask for help in clearing and preventing breakouts.  I am going to incorporate this into my routine every 3 days or so as well as use it as a spot treatment overnight.

And here is what my daily routine would look like:


  1. Cleanse – Clearing Skin Wash
  2. Exfoliate – Daily Microfoliant OR Daily Superfoliant

For this one, I prefer Daily Superfoliant – it has charcoal for removing environmental toxins and pollutants from the skin as well as brightening effects.  I love the way my skin looks after using this.  It’s less red, smooth, and very clear.


All the above steps and then add Sebum Clearing Masque as a spot treatment.

In conclusion, if you have never experienced a facial.  I highly recommend.  And I highly recommend Alisa and Bliss Spa & Salon for your treatment and for a customized Dermalogica routine.  After my last two stellar experiences, I am going to be one of their loyal clients.

Alisa also color matched me for Jane Iredale pressed powder makeup which I am going to talk about in A WHOLE OTHER POST…because I believe it’s going to need its own venue.  I am super excited about trying this product and the Jane Iredale brand in general and can’t wait to use it this week!!!




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