Happy 5th Birthday Emmett

Dear Emmett,

Today, you turn 5.

In the blink of an eye, you have become a little boy.

I treasure the mornings you crawl quietly into my bed and curl up next to me…
It reminds me of the days when you were small and I could wrap you up in my arms.

You are a blend of so many splendid things…

You are curious.  You take in the world with focused, imbibing eyes…watching, assessing, learning.  You ask questions and test your own theories. Never stop being curious about the world.  An inquisitive mind will take you on the greatest adventures.

You are at times mischievous.  When I hear your uncontrollable giggle, I know that you are probably pulling a prank at your sister’s expense.  And yet, she plays along with your schemes because she adores you. Continue to oblige good-natured wit throughout life. Laughter is wholesome for the soul and humour will often get you to the other side of heartache.

You are sensitive.  You become upset when Ruby is hurt or when your ego becomes bruised. You have a protective awareness of your sister and I, persistently looking out for our well-being. You sense sadness before it’s been acknowledged. With wisdom beyond your years you have a way of providing befitting compassion, alleviating hurts and renewing a sense of hope in others.  Don’t reject your sentiments in an effort to be a boy or a man who is “strong” because to do so would diminish your exquisite empathy. Nevertheless, don’t let them consume you. Be strong. Be brave. Feel them. Honour them. When relevant, allow them to encourage you to adjust course in life so you end up where you want to be.

You are love.  You start each day by first, giving me a hug followed by your customary bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.  You often stop mid-activity to affectionately squeeze Ruby and to help her open her snacks. You have no trouble telling your sister what she should and shouldn’t be doing, even when she doesn’t listen to you.  She loves you in a way that is breathtaking to witness. We admire your genuine goodness.


This makes me so proud.

Every day, I’m grateful for you.  Everyday, I love you more.

Happy Birthday.




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