Day 4 ☀️

“The first hour of the morning, is the rudder of the day.” -Henry Ward Beecher


My body is still adjusting to the early wake ups and I’m tired by 5PM, but there is no denying that my mornings have been more productive.  Rather than mindlessly rushing through my morning routine and hustling kids out the door to make it to work on time, I’m creating time and space to sit, think, and direct my day.


Mindset is EVERYTHING.  


A couple years ago, while still on maternity leave, I started waking up earlier than my kids to have an hour of coffee and solitude.  While I sipped my coffee, I wrote.  I wrote down my worries, my intentions, my prayers, my gratitudes.


By writing out my worries. I identified my fears.


The reality is, we all have things in life that scare us or that induce anxiety or angst. While I didn’t want to spend a lot of time thinking on worst case scenarios and things that might go wrong, I recognized that by acknowledging the fear, I could speak truth to it.  

What does it mean to speak truth to fear?

It confronts it and demands solutions rather than recoil.  Facing my hang-ups renders them powerless because instead of asking “What if this happens?” I began to ask, “If this happens, what am I going to do about it?”  And by allowing solutions to enter my contextual reality, I strengthened my sense of resiliency. This inspired confidence in the fact that if the time came when I had to face my greatest misgivings, I would do what needed to be done to overcome it.


By writing my intentions, I understood my purpose.


I set the intention to be STRONG and BRAVE. I set the intention to be the best MOTHER I could be. I set the intention to keep getting up and showing up in my life as the best WOMAN I could be, even on the days when I could hardly stomach it. By setting my intent every single morning, I started the day conscious of what I was getting up for, what I was living for and ultimately what I wanted for my children and for myself.


By writing my prayers, I reinforced my faith.


I prayed for strength and the courage to keep facing each obstacle or setback.  I prayed for peace when my heart was hurting. I prayed for patience. I asked God on numerous occasions to get me through suffering.  And every time, it worked.


By writing my gratitude, I illuminated the good in my world and all of the love in my life.


There is so much goodness in this world but it took practice to see it, to sense its presence in my life and to appreciate every little moment of sweetness.  


The miracle today is in the awareness of how powerful these practices have been in my life.  My mindset has been the greatest driving force in all of my success. When I start the day with determination and purposeful intent, my view of the world shifts.  I’m moving through the day with calm confidence, and I go to bed feel the tired satisfaction of a day well done. ♥️





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