Cheers to 34

On my birthday last year, it was as if I anticipated a year laden in challenge because I recall a disposition of somber pensivity.


The previous year had been a year of learning to stand back up, regain confidence and step back into my life with courage.


This past year in contrast, was a time for so many things to come to finality.

A season for one chapter to come to an end and the beginning of something new.


The phrase ‘New Beginnings’ carries such an optimistic tone…

A fresh slate, a departure from things that no longer fit, an opportunity for more – more freedom, more joy, more purpose.  


What I learned this last year, is that embracing an ending and shifting into the new beginning, requires that I not only meet “change” with an open heart but that I welcome the discomfort of it in like an old friend.  The prerequisite to wholeheartedly embracing a new beginning is to correspondingly embrace the ending as well.


This is what this year was for me, a constant challenge and practice to bravely lay myself wide open to change, to pain, to growth.  To allow it to teach and transform me.


I acquiesced the change.  I reluctantly, yet quietly accepted it without protest.


Change is uncomfortable.  It carries the potential to induce fear and uncertainty, and the propensity to drive us to cling to what we believe is safe and secure.  So, despite my acceptance, this task did not come without occasional resistance and anguish.


But, with the love and support of so many beautiful souls in my life, the presence of my precious Emmett and Ruby, and my relentlessly resilient spirit, I kept my faith.  I held onto the belief that there would be good that came from these endings, these changes, these new endeavors.


So, as I sit here in the prelude of my 34th year, I wear a tranquil smile.


This next year is going to be about unapologetically becoming.  It will be a year of claiming what feels good for my soul and right in my bones.  It will no longer be about cautious ventures and apprehensive approaches but rather this year will be one of bold gest and wholehearted fervent authenticity.


Cheers to 34. 🍷



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