Planting Seeds 🌱



The life I’m living today did not present itself overnight. By planting one seed at a time, consistently nourishing those seeds and patiently allowing them to grow,

I created it. 🌱


I started by planting one seed of change, hoping that I could ultimately get to a place where I wasn’t merely surviving my life but THRIVING in it.


It began as a choice to take responsibility and ownership of the life I was creating and it expanded into something bigger than I’d imagined. .

I committed to one 30 min workout. 🏋🏻‍♀️

I cooked one clean meal. 🥘

I opened the cover of one book and subsequently opened my mind. 📖

I focused my attention on gratitude for a single moment and I saw a completely different world. 🌎 .

I planted seeds of change and then I watered them. 💦


And my life grew. 🌸


As for seeds I’ve planted that didn’t produce fruit…

Even these seeds serve a purpose.

I’ve experienced that not every method for growth works but I’ve also learned from what didn’t work.

Not every seed will flourish but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop planting. The more I plant, the more opportunities for success. 🌳


Where I stand today requires mindful and deliberate determination.

It means looking at the day ahead of me and giving my best effort to every single activity. ☀️


There are days, I’m tired.

There are times I don’t feel like putting forth the effort.

Occasionally, I doubt myself and question my resolve.

On these days, I do the work anyway.

Even when I don’t feel the fire in it.

I do it because IT MATTERS. .

The food I eat,

doing my best in every single workout,

the people I surround myself with,

and how I spend my time.


It all contributes to the fullness of my existence and to a life I’m proud of. ♥️


I’m planting new seeds every day because I want to continue to get better. There’s so much more to learn and do and become. There’s infinite room for growth.


This important work of cultivating my best life is the best work.♥️



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