Challenging Days

I am driven. I am relentless. I have the MOST stubborn heart.

That DOES NOT MEAN that my life is obsolete of challenging days.

In the pursuit of great things, they are GUARANTEED.

#challengingdays are part of growth.


On these days, the biggest struggle for me lies in taming my mind. It takes constant practice to subdue the internal dialogue that threatens my faith in the process and in myself. Commitment is even more important on the days when fear and uncertainty feel palpable.


If I give myself over to thoughts that “question my motives and ability” or the ones that tell me I’m not enough for this role or this sport, I become less present in my life. A lack of presence is like blurred vision or stumbling off the path to an intended destination. It’s scary. It’s aggravating. It’s painful.


These days happen to EVERYONE. #theresponsematters


How do I handle these days? #myresponse


I acknowledge them for what they are – They are bound to happen but they are not an alibi to take my foot off the gas. I recognize that on these days, the workout may take longer, require more patience, and I’ll have to FIGHT HARDER for every single rep.

These are the days when it is absolutely imperative that I perform with intentional precision. That even when my heart isn’t in it, I give every ounce of effort to do my best in every single movement.

#nocomplaining #noexcuses #noshortcuts


I stay nutritionally sound.

If I eat well today, my body will respond well tomorrow. 🍎


I make sleep a priority. 🛌

Thanks to having a coach @ernievo2max that places sleep as a top priority for my training protocol, I’ve become very aware when my physical, mental and emotional state are altered due to lack of adequate sleep.


Whatever your goals may be…

The pains of adversity are the growing pains of successful achievements.

Discomfort means you are setting the bar higher.

Don’t let one challenging day consume you, derail you, or slow you down. #embraceit

Dig deeper, pay attention, and fight for your absolute best.

Remember, pain is temporary.

Choose #excellence over complacency.


“the toughest days are your best days” 🙏🏻♥️🌱#benbergeron

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