Emperor’s Challenge 2019

Emperor’s Challenge ✅


This race was not what I expected but it turned out to be such an awesome experience. .

Here’s what I learned:


Solomon Trail Runners are the best.


Gu gels are horrible to swallow but are an absolute non-negotiable necessity for runs. .

People are awesome. Thanks to the sweet dude that helped me jump over the rock crevices due to my fear of heights. ♥️


Advil is a miracle drug.


I’ve come so far.

3 years ago I didn’t have the confidence to commit to an event like this. Driving over 3 hours one way and running a half marathon by myself would have been absolutely terrifying for me. Now these things are not only doable but extremely enjoyable.


This race was about me.

“This is about you and the trail ahead of you. That’s it.” (This was my mantra.)

Today wasn’t about competing with anyone. It was pure mind mastery. 🧠One foot in front of the other.🏃🏻‍♀️

One obstacle at a time.

Facing one doubt at a time.


I grew again today. 🌱


This was my best race to date.

I didn’t get my best time.

I performed at my absolute best. #iwon



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