Training & Kids: Keep Calm & Lift On

Some workouts are like this…

Dodging soccer balls, frequent interruptions to provide snacks and drinks, pee breaks,  breaking up disagreements, reinforcing the value of sharing, opening bubbles and putting on bike helmets…

Some days it is frustrating to drag a workout session out far longer than necessary but it’s also part of balance.

The best strategy I’ve found is to break the programming down one set at a time rather than look at the entire workout, exercise patience and keep working until all the reps are in.

By breaking it down, I’m able to focus on giving each movement my best effort during each individual set because I’m not distracted and overwhelmed by the volume I have to complete.

I’m wholeheartedly committed to being a excellent mom and athlete…

To do both, I have to be willing to tolerate these occasional interruptions, adjust my movements around the kids and maintain a calm and adaptable approach.  Calm and patient is KEY.  

My kids know that this is part of our lifestyle and for the most part they entertain themselves during my workouts, knowing that when I’m done they will have my full attention and we’ll move on to another part of the day.  If I lose my cool, they’ll associate this time with irritation rather than part of the flow.

Furthermore, the example I set is the most important piece…

I want them to see a mother that is strong and physically active.

I want them to see the my attitude toward challenges and  circumstances that aren’t straight forward.

I want them to see that I don’t quit when issues arise.

I keep calm and carry on.  And, the result of these choices…HAPPINESS.





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