Reading, Writing, Dreaming, Drawing

These are my favourite kind of mornings… ☀️☕️♥️

Quiet, peaceful, full of possibility and with the loves of my life still sleeping in their beds nearby…

In the quiet, I read, write, contemplate my intention for the day, and dream about the life I want to live.

In the stillness, creativity is allowed freedom to express itself and ideas emancipate themselves without the confinement of judgement, rejection or criticism. These naysayers inevitably enter the mind as the day begins and the reality of our responsibilities surface with the noise of the waking world. But in these moments of solitude, they remain subdued.

The halcyon space that precedes daybreak is where the magic of my life occurs.

It is where I’ve manifested every goal, every dream and every intention for my life. It’s where the concept of gratitude made its way into my life, incredible goals were formulated, values established and purpose determined.

These mornings are where the most marvelous and inconceivable schemes are bestowed with life and opportunity.

This morning my son finished his customary bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and then he came and wrapped his arms around my hips reminding me of how quickly he’s growing. (It seemed like yesterday that his hugs embraced my knees.) I asked him what he wanted, assuming he wanted more for breakfast…

His response captured my heart in the way that moments that matter do…

He said, “You.”

I told him to come sit with me…

And there we sat at the kitchen counter, me with my book and my writing, him with his paper and crayons…both of us imagining, creating, scheming and bringing to fruition the things that extraordinary lives are made of.





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