Emmett’s 1st Day of School

Well, this morning I saw my first born off as he embarked on his first day of kindergarten.

As he drove away in that big yellow school bus, I felt a flood of emotions.

Sadness, excitement, grief and pride…

Incongruent and all very sincere.

I experienced this same disparity of introspect when he was first laid in my arms.ย  I knew him – I had felt his soul in mine as he grew and moved within me during pregnancy.ย  I also felt like I was being introduced to someone I hadn’t yet met.ย  Despite my contradictory sentiments, what completely astounded me was the love I felt for this little being.ย  It was something deeper and more profound than I could have ever imagined love to be.ย  It was earth shattering and life changing.

I have had the honor of being the most influential individual in my son’s life until now.ย  Today, I’m releasing him to the world to learn and grow on his own.

While I mourn the transitory nature of the past 5 years, I’m proud and so very thankful that my son is growing into the bright young man he is.

It is in these moments, on these very special days that I hear an emphatic whisper —

“Pay attention, be present, be so very present…because these days fly by.”




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