20.3 Scaled ✅

“To me the greatest lesson as an athlete and in training is just don’t get greedy. Know that you have to get up and go again the next day. Always save a little bit. I think that is what’s precluding a lot of athletes from longevity and causing a lot of injuries right now. Everybody wants more. [There will be external pressure and hype.] You just have to have faith in yourself, faith [in your coach], and just believe.” – Paula Newby-Fraser (Ironman Triathlete & Duathlete)
At the direction of my coach @ernievo2max , I did the open workout 20.3 #scaled
I performed deadlifts at a lower weight (95#/135#), did push-ups in place of handstand push-ups, and 50’ bear crawls rather than handstand walks.
Ernie instructed me to perform this open workout scaled because the recruitment pattern that I’m using to accomplish a hip hinge needs further development prior to doing a high load, high rep workout under fatigue. As my body tires in a workout, my attention to form declines, my back rounds when I pick up the bar and this poses an increased risk for injury.
I’m so thankful for the guidance I’m receiving in my training because it comes from a place of consideration, intention and logic.
I want more all the time – more from myself, more from the experience, and ultimately more growth. I’m hungry.
I can handle this hunger in one of two ways:
1. I can thoughtlessly and quickly satiate my craving, ignore my current level of preparation, and cater to my fickle ego by doing what feels good in the moment.
2. I can employ something requiring #discipline and #strength : a self-effacing patience. I can acknowledge where I’m at, have faith in my coach and in the process and “save a little” to gain a lot MORE in the next phase of training.
I choose option 2.
I hustled hard in this workout and it was a humble reminder that I control my effort. I’m responsible for what I make of each opportunity and the degree to which I push myself to feel the discomfort and embrace it.
#crossfit #idowhatilove #vo2maxhp




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