20.4 Strong Women Power Clean


Another #openworkout complete and here are my sentiments…

I made it to 135# power cleans but despite 6-7 attempts wasn’t able to get them overhead to complete the #cleanandjerk in the last round.

How do I feel?


I’m proud of my effort.

I’m proud of PR’ing my #powerclean

I’m proud that even when I’m afraid; I’m stepping into the arena.


I’m grateful to be surrounded by so many powerful women who empower other women! 💪🏻

I had so many beautiful #queens around me today, supporting, pushing, and uplifting me with their incredible energy and spirit. I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to be in the presence of such #strength and #truebeauty






You ladies are amazing!! 👸🏻👊🏻

Every one of these open workouts gives me a unique perspective and teaches me the most awesome lessons. I’m thankful for this experience. #onemoreworkouttogo .

Gym: @vo2maxhealthandperformance

Coach: @ernievo2max




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