Don’t Waste This Opportunity


#crossfitopen2020 ✅

In my second #crossfitopen …

Physically, I became aware of the skills I haven’t yet acquired, the current limit of my strength, aerobic capacity and competence in pacing.

Mentally, I became cognizant of how I handle pressure, pain, challenges, and uncertainty.

In this competition, I became acutely aware of where I stand amongst thousands. Standing in that space of self-appraisal and the potential for infinite growth, I felt overwhelmed and humbled.

Regardless of how resolute I was in focusing on my own improvement, progress, ability and score, I encountered all of the following throughout the past 5 weeks…





The toxic fixation of comparing myself to other athletes.

But, what also surfaced was the persistent notion:




After a disappointing performance…

“Don’t waste this opportunity” reminded me to learn from the experience. To assess each performance with honesty. To study the weak areas as well as the parts that were executed well and adjust based on these conscientious considerations.

During critical moments of discomfort and fatigue…

”Don’t waste this opportunity”

cautioned me to resist complacency, dig in, push hard and ride out the pain through every rep.

While others were competing in their own open workouts…

“Don’t waste this opportunity” made me aware to support others and to appreciate the encouragement I was receiving. Sometimes, people telling you to “keep moving, stay focused, keep going, get on the bar, don’t give up, one more rep”…influence the tipping point between taking your foot off the gas or flooring it to the finish line. ♥️

Competition is always a powerful stimulus for me. From competitive swimming to crossfit, each experienced has imposed a discomfort that yields truthful confidence and growth. 🌱

This was an excellent experience.

I’m thankful for everything I gained from it. #until2021

Gym: @vo2maxhealthandperformance

Coach: @ernievo2max