Well hello there beautiful!!

My name is Jen.

I am a woman on a mission and a journey to live life BIG – to stand up, show up, and create beautiful things.

I am an optimist and a “see the silver linings” type of gal.  I get excited about the simple joys in life and the magic that makes life splendid.

I am woman with many roles, many responsibilities and many dreams.  Like so many women, I have found challenges in finding balance between being a wife, mom, and career woman.  I have also struggled with identity and feeling like enough as I have added new roles to my repertoire.

Then, life handed me another challenge – I became a single mom, expecting her second child and surprisingly facing divorce.

This past year, I had to start over.  I had to look at myself and ask myself, “Who am I?” and “What do I want?”  I was given the opportunity to face my insecurities, my self-doubts and my lack of self-worth.  This experience completely altered the way I show up in the world as a woman and a mother.  I realized I had choice on how to carry on with my life, and I decided that rather than let this experience confine and limit me, it was going to inspire and drive me.

I am a woman on a mission and a journey to live life LARGE – to get a glove, get in the game and show up to experience all of the sweet, wonderful and joyful experiences of life and to provide the same opportunity for my children.

So here is what I know…

I am a mother to two beautiful children – Emmett & Ruby.

I am a nurse.  Not just as a career and profession but I have it in my bones to reach out and use my hands to help, to heal, and to comfort.

I am a lover of all things that nourish the body – good wholesome food, an occasional glass of wine to unwind at the end of a long day, a night of laughter with my friends, dancing with my kids…

I am a fitness enthusiast – I love the accomplishment of a good sweat session, the sore ache of my muscles post-workout and the sense of strength and power that comes from being fit.

I am a fashion and beauty admirer – a great outfit and the perfect lip color are my jam.

I am pretty fricken fantastic.  I am just beginning to wake up truly feeling this way every day and I am hoping that through my stories and experience of all of the things that I love, that I can encourage others to realize and cultivate their own fabulousness too.

I am a woman on a mission and a journey to make walking with the utmost confidence and joy my MODUS OPERANDI.

So, as I continue this mission, this journey to show up as my very best self, I am hoping that my stories and my experiences will demonstrate to others that the difficult circumstances and challenges in our lives – they can be things that break us, they can be circumstances that make us paralyzed with fear OR they can be life transforming, they can be the events that show us how strong and worthy and capable we are.

There is so much sweetness to be found in life.

With some love, a positive attitude and some healthy habits, life can easily be magical…

Beyond wildest possible dreams magical.

Keep reading and I’ll show you.





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