Day 4 ☀️

“The first hour of the morning, is the rudder of the day.” -Henry Ward Beecher . My body is still adjusting to the early wake ups and I’m tired by 5PM, but there is no denying that my mornings have been more productive.  Rather than mindlessly rushing through my morning routine and hustling kids out … More Day 4 ☀️

19.1 Complete

I signed up for the Crossfit Open. A considerable amount of fear, nerves, negative and positive internal dialogue and 186 reps later…I can say I completed and survived 19.1. I recently read a post by @carrielynnbea in which she candidly says she wasn’t going to sign up for #theopen because making leaderboard seemed out of … More 19.1 Complete

Tipping the Scales

I had a conversation with a good friend yesterday about her desire to get back to the gym and clean up her diet. She said “Jenny, I know what to do and I’ll start first thing Monday morning but by 11am I’ll have fallen off the wagon again.” My response to her was, “So, you … More Tipping the Scales


Vernon Turner’s “Letter to my Younger Self” published in The Players Tribune, is beyond moving and so worth the read.  This man’s story is incredible. He experienced some of the most difficult experiences that people can endure in life. Despite multiple obstacles, weighty responsibilities and the same self-doubt everyone experiences…he achieved what he intended.  He … More Relentless