Ruby Is 2 ♥️

My Ruby, Today you turn 2. It amazes me how quickly time passes… I’ve enjoyed every moment of these past 2 years with you and continue to feel a profound sense of joy in my heart that I’ve been give the opportunity to be your mother. It is THE GREATEST BLESSING to watch your beautiful … More Ruby Is 2 ♥️

Tipping the Scales

I had a conversation with a good friend yesterday about her desire to get back to the gym and clean up her diet. She said “Jenny, I know what to do and I’ll start first thing Monday morning but by 11am I’ll have fallen off the wagon again.” My response to her was, “So, you … More Tipping the Scales


Vernon Turner’s “Letter to my Younger Self” published in The Players Tribune, is beyond moving and so worth the read.  This man’s story is incredible. He experienced some of the most difficult experiences that people can endure in life. Despite multiple obstacles, weighty responsibilities and the same self-doubt everyone experiences…he achieved what he intended.  He … More Relentless

How Flexibility & Adaptability Are Key to My Success

It is my belief that two vital components to success are FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY. I’ve found that when I’m flexible with respect to altering my plans to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and adaptable to creatively resource my other options, I’m better equipped to stay on track with the least amount of stress related to changing my … More How Flexibility & Adaptability Are Key to My Success

Dealing with Stress, Weekly Workouts, & Meal Prep

Stress happens.  Life sometimes feels like we are remedying situations and solving problems continuously as we move through a day to day routine.  When we decide to make positive healthy changes to alleviate tension in our lives, the day to day strains don’t just disappear.  Rather, life carries on.  Furthermore, our intention to make those … More Dealing with Stress, Weekly Workouts, & Meal Prep

To My Sweet Emmett

To My Sweet Emmett, I’ve invariably found it easier to express myself best in prose.  I admire a well constructed sentence and the beautiful way words can be woven together like textiles to transcribe thoughts and form stories.  I can sincerely compose the inner workings of my heart with lettered precision and experiential metaphor. Nevertheless, when it … More To My Sweet Emmett